Pavlich Law is located in the heart of Orange County, California.  This location allows us to serve our clients’ needs across a region of Southern California that stretches from San Diego County to Ventura County, including Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.

Richard Pavlich: Principal Attorney

Mr. Pavlich began his legal career with a plaintiff’s firm representing mass tort victims in San Diego County where he helped recover over $50 million for the firm’s clients.  After this, Mr. Pavlich represented injured workers in their fights to receive medical care and awards for industrial injuries.

Thereafter, Mr. Pavlich transitioned to defense work and represented client’s interests at two of Southern California’s leading personal injury defense firms.  Growing tired of representing the interests of big businesses, Mr. Pavlich returned to representing plaintiffs.  His first case upon returning to plaintiff’s side of representation recovered over $50,000 for his client due to the wrongful actions of the employer.

Having represented several clients in criminal matters over the course of this time, Mr. Pavlich began to offer his services in criminal defense matters as well, achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

Armed with experience on both sides of the aisle, Mr. Pavlich has a keen ability to give unbiased and thorough legal advice to all types of clients and to provide zealous representation in the Courtroom.

“I take my professional and ethical duties to my clients and the public very seriously. The most important obligation being, of course, my duty to zealously advocate for my clients. I strongly believe that zealous representation includes fighting for the outcome my client desires, BUT, if liability is clearly adverse, I do not play games with discovery and legal maneuvering to drive up fees and delay the inevitable. I have the integrity to call it like I see it and will never let ego or money compromise my ethical obligations.

I became an attorney to help people.  I understand that things happen in our daily lives that we do not plan for.  Life is not a 9-5 shift, and I will never treat my clients like they only exist during ‘normal working hours‘.”

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